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LINQ Provider for the Twitter API (C# Twitter Library)

LINQ to Twitter v6 APIs

This page outlines the sections that correspond to the Twitter API. It will be useful to see how to perform commands and queries with LINQ to Twitter. Additionally, you might want to review The Official Twitter API v2 Documentation for the true source of information on parameters, return values, and more.


Information for Data Dictionary, Fields, Expansions, Tweet Annotations, Metrics, Conversation ID, and Rate Limits. Coming soon…


Queries for anything you can do with a Tweet such as Lookup, Searches, and Streams.


Anything you need for looking up users, their accounts, and profile details.

Raw Commands and Queries

Use a Raw Command or Query any time LINQ to Twitter doesn’t have specific support for a Twitter endpoint. e.g. a brand new endpoint that hasn’t been implemented yet.